Services: Flooring

Cleancare provide flooring services for a number of reasons.

Photos of Cleancare carpet cleaning

Our flooring services

We have 2 reasons as to why we have decided to provide floor covering as part of our service.

1 – Good flooring, especially barrier matting in and around the entrance to a building can keep huge quantities of dirt and debris out of a building each year. The knock on effects of this dirt not entering the building is that the number of hours required for your daily contract cleaning will be reduced and also the building's aesthetics will be to a higher standard for a longer period of time following the daily clean.

2 – Flooring ages. It’s just one of those things. Our floor cleaning services provide very high results and we are proud to say that we have brought many badly neglected carpets/floors back from the brink of disposal, however this isn’t always possible. Wear and tear from desk chairs and high traffic areas can cause unsightly flooring not conducive with your company image. We decided that rather than send our clients away to research the market and best solutions for a replacement, we have undertaken the research ourselves and formed relationships with suppliers, with whom we are able to offer a replacement from a company you can trust.

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