Services: Fire and flood restoration

Cleancare are committed to the practical recovery of business and home life following damage caused by fire and flooding.

Photos of Cleancare carpet cleaning

Our fire and flood restoration services

Following fire, all damaged items will be removed and taken to our approved waste transfer station. Having assessed the area, all traces of smoke contamination are removed using specific cleaning techniques, chemicals and methods bespoke to each site. Once completed the area will be ready for your chosen painters/builders to begin the refurbishments.

Following a flood, techniques used are dependant on the quantity of water left in situ and level of damage.

All items are removed from the affected area either for drying or disposal. Pumping equipment is used to remove as much water from the property as possible whilst dehumidifiers and air movers will be left until the area is fully dry.

With smaller floods extraction cleaning of the carpets/floors can be undertaken, dependent on whether the water has penetrated below the floor covering, in which case this will have to be removed and disposed of.

Once the property is fully dry, all contaminated areas will be cleaned and disinfected, ready for your chosen decorators.

For both fire and flood work we are now offering an additional service. We can provide either like for like carpet and flooring, or if you fancy a change we can provide samples and advise as to the best replacement products.

Talk to us and find out how we could help take away all the stresses of your cleaning requirements.