Carpets and soft furnishings

By using a combination of cleaning techniques along with the right chemicals we guarantee the highest possible result. 

Photos of Cleancare carpet cleaning

Our carpet and soft furnishings cleaning solutions

We use high specification wet extraction machines, high speed motorised brushes for scrubbing, dry compound equipment for natural fibre carpets as well as a variety of tools for stairs, upholstery and curtains. By using a combination of these together with the right chemicals we can guarantee the highest possible results every time. Our after clean services include scotch guard protection and anti-static treatments.

We will happily quote any size job. From a single room to our largest job to date which was 180 sites completed in 5 months with a total area of 160,000 square feet.

Each carpet area or soft furnishing item have there own specification from when or how it can be cleaned to how quickly the area needs to be dry, and back in service. We are fully experienced in delivering the service requested to the standard promised on time, every time.

Talk to us and find out how we could help take away all the stresses of your cleaning requirements.