Working with BT

Working at BT's head office we recently completed metal/glass cleaning on their scenic lifts and show case roof.

Photos of BT case study

Cleaning BT' Scenic lifts

Because we were working at heights not accessible by a standard ladder we arranged with the client for the lifts to be disabled by a lift engineer. To clean the top of the lift we used one of our multi adaptable ladders to enable our technician to safely gain access over the glass safety barriers surrounding the lift whilst our 2nd technician footed the ladder. Before transferring from the ladder to the lift roof our technician fastened his safety harness to the lift harness fitting. Once harnessed and on top we could safely clean the tops and sides.

Cleaning their show case roof

Our technicians again used our safety-checked ladder for access to the roof and before transferring from the ladder they connected their harness to the safety checked safety line.We used back pack vacuum cleaners with Hepa Filter bags to both reduce the trip hazard and allergens put out through the vacuum.

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