Case study: Tar removal

Working quickly and efficiently to remove vandalism from our clients paving and exterior benches.

Photos of tar case study

The problem

We received a call regarding some vandalism from a good client of ours late one afternoon. Someone had poured tar all over a section of brick work paving as well as 2 exterior benches.

Our solution

We had to move quickly in order for us to be able to remove the tar before it fully set. Tar removal is not a job we had done before but having made some calls to our specialist providers, within an hour we had an understanding of the best method for removal as well as the equipment and chemicals needed.

Once arriving on site we scrapped as much excess as possible from the area. The area was away from power points and was 200ft from the nearest tap. Being familiar with the site we were able to bring 200ft+ of hose as well as use a diesel powered generator to power a Hot Box which is able to heat 25 litres of water per minute to temperatures of up to 140C. This heat combined with 3000psi from out diesel powered pressure washer made for exceptional results.

Lastly our technicians used a moderate to high foaming general purpose degreaser through the pressure washer, set up for low pressure “soap” application, diluted according to label directions and equipment manual. This chemical was then agitated using stiff brooms and rinsed to remove the residue.

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