Case study: Graffiti removal

Working with our client to remove graffiti sprayed on their front office gate.

The problem

Our client called us to say that they had graffiti sprayed on their front gate and it was unsightly. Another company had already had a go at removing it but without success. We said that we come down and view the area to establish what we could provide that the other company couldn’t offer.

Our solution

As it turns out the answer was common sense. Unfortunately there is not a graffiti chemical on the market that can distinguish between graffiti paint and regular paint. As you can see from the photos the area potentially looked worse after the attempted removal.

Our solution was simply to paint over the area and leave the paint with the building manager, this way should they be vandalised again one of their maintenance team could simply paint over it all. This chemical was then agitated using stiff brooms and rinsed to remove the residue.

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