Case study: Pool cleaning

Working with our client to deep clean a swimming pool in a building we look after in Kensington.

Photos of pool cleaning in progress

The problem

We were recently asked if we could deep clean the swimming pool in a building that we look after in Kensington. The pool surrounds were getting renovated and the pool had been drained so it was an ideal opportunity but we only had a small window to complete the works.

The time it takes to descale mosaic tiles can vary depending on the level of scale and so we attended site to view the requirements and undertake a sample clean.

Our solution

The works required full PPE including dual filtration masks. Drains and stainless steel fixtures and fittings were taped up in order to prevent damage and prevent chemicals entering the system.

We discussed the ventilation requirements with the chemical manufacture. In this case we only had to open all doors and windows to maximise ventilation.

We neutralised the chlorine residue and coated a 1m2 section with a diluted stainless steel safe acid. Using a neat acid would have caused a strong chemical reaction and release of gases and so we diluted the acid 1 part acid to 10 parts water. This required repeating 3 times before the tiles and grout had returned to new. The area was then thoroughly rinsed; machine and hand scrubbed 3 times to ensure all acid residues were removed. The results were fantastic.

Next we measured the size of the pool and extrapolated the time. Even after all of the measures we had in place to prevent chemical residue entering the system we inform the client that the pool maintenance company should once refilled test the PH of the water before the pool was reopen. This was completed and was to a safe level. This chemical was then agitated using stiff brooms and rinsed to remove the residue.

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